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Phillip Whitely

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Tennessee Temple University, I moved to Southern California.

For the next seven years, I worked in a counseling setting at a nonprofit. It was here that I came across many individuals struggling with very complicated, painful, confusing, and heavy situations.

One common thread with all of them? Their desire for change.

I realized that in order to help these individuals experience positive growth in their lives, I needed more training. As a result, I moved to the Bay Area where I began working at Seneca Center for troubled youth while attending school at the University of Phoenix where I ultimately obtained my master’s degree in Counseling.

Over the past 15 years in San Francisco, I’ve worked in several nonprofits and governmental agencies helping emotionally troubled and homeless youth, individuals with disabilities, and adults struggling with addiction. It is my belief that each of us has the ability to make the changes necessary in order to live the life we want. Unfortunately, we can’t always clearly see that path.

My goal is to help each of my clients uncover the answers which will allow them to take the necessary steps in order to make positive changes in their lives.

Phillip Whitely

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