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Dos And Don’ts Of Sheltering In Place

The world is on lock-down due to COVID-19. This has been the case for San Francisco for almost six weeks now and the end isn’t even in sight. Some people seem to just hop right in with the new normal and are getting along swimmingly. Then there are the rest....
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Five Hidden Signs of Depression

Everyone has feelings of sadness from time to time. How can you tell the difference from just feeling a little down and actual depression? Here are five hidden signs that you or someone you know might be dealing with depression. Fatigue Do you find that you get tired a lot,....
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How To Calm a Panic Attack

Have you ever experienced a panic attack? If so, I am sure you can feel what I am talking about right away – the tightening in your chest, racing thoughts, rapid pulse rate, and a quick shortness of breath. And the worst part is…you never see them coming. Therein lies the “panic.”....
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Act Your Age – Ageism Discussed

Ageism is defined as discrimination based on a person’s age. We frequently recognize ageism when someone is identified as too old to do something. Someone might get passed over for a particular job when she had the perfect skill set and interviewed like a champ. The only difference was that....
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