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Five Hidden Signs of Depression


Everyone has feelings of sadness from time to time. How can you tell the difference from just feeling a little down and actual depression? Here are five hidden signs that you or someone you know might be dealing with depression.


Do you find that you get tired a lot, feel a lack of energy, or just overall exhausted? These are classic signs of fatigue. Sure, we all get worn down from time to time. The difference is that with fatigue, you can’t seem to ever be rested enough. No amount of napping or sleeping will help. Symptoms of fatigue can also include a slowing in thinking and processing, speaking, or even body movements.

Unusual Patterns

Changes in typical behaviors are often a sign of depression. Some of these pattern changes might be a difference in eating such as eating more or less than you typically do. You may also find yourself binge eating all of the sudden. Sleep disturbances like sleeping too much are frequently attributed to depression. Surprisingly, insomnia or an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep can also be a sign of depression. Take stock of your typical patterns to see if you notice any breaks from what you would consider normal for you.


Sudden changes in mood leading to irritability or shortness of temper are recognizable signs of depression. Irritability or frustration aren’t definitive indications of depression. The difference is that an individual who is not dealing with depression is able to recognize something as frustrating, process the feeling, and then move on. For someone who is depressed, anxiety, agitation, and angry outbursts become frequent reactions to external problems – even over small things. These drastic responses are a result of feeling much more intensely when in a depressed state.

Loss of Interest

A loss of interest in going to work, completing chores at home, or interacting with people we don’t like are typical for everyone! When you are depressed, the loss of interest extends to activities you used to enjoy. These may be things such as exercise, visiting with friends, playing games, sex, and going out. A person with depression will likely decline from these enjoyable activities. If they cannot get out of the activities, they may put on a forced happy face and just endure the activity instead of truly enjoying it.

Feelings of Sadness

This may seem obvious but unexplained feelings of sadness, emptiness, or unhappiness are common signs of depression. Depression can force a person to feel worthless or even guilty. This can be caused by a fixation on past failures or blaming yourself for things that are not even your responsibility. Sometimes even a less optimistic point of view than normal may be typical. Not only are the feelings of sadness internal. A person dealing with depression will frequently have difficulty responding to affection or concern from others.

Most of us will have any number of these concerns at one time or another. However, if you find that you or someone you know connects with more than a few of these, make sure you reach out for help. Depression can be confusing and overwhelming. Many people find a solution for depression through one on one talk therapy. Other assistance can be found through self-help books, group therapy, and medication. No matter which method you use, make sure you understand that there is help!

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